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Syncing cookies between an HttpClient and a WebView

Hey all, Today I would like to show how to share cookies between an HttpClient and a WebView. This is necessary when your application use an HttpClient to make POST/GET calls, and then opens a WebView to a webpage that … Continue reading

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ListView items using a Layout defined in XML

To customize the View that an item in a ListView uses (we might want a list item to be organized in some view hierarchy) , an easy approach is to implement a ListActivity, then extend BaseAdapter and call setListAdapter() on … Continue reading

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The Singleton Design Pattern

Often in object-oriented programming, we run into situations where we need to have a single instance of an object that can be globally accessed from the whole application. For example, if we needed to use an HTTP client for our … Continue reading

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First post

Hey all. This is where I’m going to post about all the interesting things I come across. We learn more by explaining to others, so hopefully this will further my own understanding too. Enjoy!

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